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At its core, Mindset and Performance Coaching stems from the study of how the world’s greatest thinkers, doers and achievers operate. This method of coaching is an application of these findings in the form of conditioning techniques, which lead individuals and groups to extraordinary outcomes in their personal and professional lives. It is an examination of the data inside your head and the programs that are running the show behind the scenes, an exercise in discernment while you discover who you truly are, a practice of developing more fully the strengths and skills that will serve your highest good.


& Workshops

Express Natural Leadership
& Cultivate Community

Want to be a leader? Learn how to FOLLOW.
Your best tool in the personal and professional arenas of your life is your ability to observe. The recent spike in interest over articles on 'mindfulness' from just a few years ago until now is a huge indication that people are recognizing the power that comes with paying attention. From this place of peaceful, non-judgemental observation, you tap into your inner wisdom as well as the collective knowledge in the room. Being a great leader, building trust amongst a team, creating a healthy culture, getting clear on your purpose, and managing the changes and transitions in your own life are wondrous feats, which require mindfulness, focus and time ... and sometimes a little support.
In cooperation with Red Maple Professional Coaching Services (https://www.redmaplecoaching.com), and in the new year, Aligned Health (https://www.alignedhealth.ca), I have the incredible pleasure of being able to explore these topics more fully with clients in a corporate or private setting.
Contact me today for a description of the Corporate Group Workshops that are currently being offered, or reach out to schedule an Individual One-on-One Life Coaching Session with me.

& Development

Transform Your Personal
& Professional Life

It's not about perfection, it's about practice.
Step 1) find a private space; Step 2) get out your cell, open up your playlist and choose your favourite tune; Step 3) press play and crank up the volume; Step 4) now this one's important, SING ALONG!
Ever struggle to find your inner voice? Do you have an important message to share, but haven't the slightest on how to get it out? Practice. Learn the techniques used by powerful orators, influencers and leaders to connect well and in a big way with others. Whether you're engaging a small group, rallying up the masses or wanting to express a vision, the tools included in my programs enable you to stop shying away from audiences and instead see the online or public support of others as a freeing experience!  
Contact me today and add your name to the waitlist for more information on the following skill-building courses, which are scheduled for release at the end of the year: Public Speaking and Presentations; Influence and Persuasion; and, Active-Listening.

& Fitness

Strengthen Intuition
& Balance Health

Get out of your head and into your heart.
This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier life - exercise! My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, which includes physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Not only do I provide a great group workout in a safe and fun environment, but we practice being present in the moment - turning down the external noise and becoming ever so in tune with the internal signals.
Contact me today to receive a copy of my group fitness schedule and join me at the A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA (https://www.ymcacambridgekw.ca/en/health-fitness-aquatics/A-R-Kaufman-Family-YMCA-Kitchener.asp), Stanley Park Community Centre (https://spcakitchener.ca) and in the near future, Aligned Gym (https://www.alignedhealth.ca). Join me at one of my Zumba, cardio or step classes, or put your name on a waiting list for my soon to be released "Complete" class where participants pack-in a quick cardio workout with some conditioning, a good stretching session, some relaxation and visualization time and then an opportunity to do some journal writing - all in 60 minutes!

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THRIVE! Self-Care for the Tired
Sat, Nov 02
Camp Ki-Wa-Y
Nov 02, 2019, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT
Camp Ki-Wa-Y, 3738 Hessen Strasse, St. Clements, ON N0B 2M0
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