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I awoke this morning from a wonderful dream. It had been months, actually, since I last carried back with me into daylight hours the stories from my slumbers, and so, this happening made me quite excited. I remembered when I was young and used to recall my dreams all the time - almost a nightly occurrence. My most cherished dreams were the ones in which I could fly. I would soar in the sky with ease.

The remnants of last night's dream were scarce, but the message was delivered and received, nonetheless. I laughed at who my subconscious chose to play each character - the casting couldn't have been more perfect, I thought to myself. I was delighted that my improv teacher (a woman whom I've been secretly admiring for almost a year now) was the one who spoke to me: my message bearer. She is creative and bold, authentic and vulnerable, strong, quirky and kind, and her words carry insights both in reality and dreamscape.

In the dream, this bright-faced woman appeared out of nowhere ... and yet, it was as if she had always been there in the side wings. She walked onto the scene, turned to face me, and then walked away, but before her cameo was over, she said, "just do you." These words were still ringing in my ears as I woke-up.

There was a lightness to these words, an invitation to freedom, like the dreams from my youth when I could fly. BE MYSELF, as if it is the simplest thing in the world to do. Be Myself - that is enough. In fact, it always has been. It's these rules I've accepted and agreed to along the way, which weigh down my wings. But, I could make new rules, I could dream again, like I used to, and let myself soar into a reality where I just do me. Unapologetically.

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