"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another."
-Charles Dickens

What is possible? Nope – not what is probable, but what is POSSIBLE?

This was the shift in thinking that took place within me and, in a dramatic way, it saved me. Quite literally, it saved me from the role of a burned-out business woman who had no purpose, who was a half-assed wife, mother, family member and friend, and who was slowly becoming a zombie on the verge of accepting this dreadful narrative of "I'll never escape the daily grind.”

I know, it’s a lot to share right up front, and from a stranger at that! But it is my hope that we get to know each other better soon – and so, you should be aware that it was this one simple question which changed my overall perspective. It jarred my conditioned way of thinking and allowed me to glimpse at an alternate reality ... one of me at my best. Not the best, but MY BEST (and I’ll try pumping the breaks on the annoying highlights now).

A few years ago, I engaged in a new kind of learning, which focused on training the mind – it was the very type of educational model not included in our upbringings at home, school or in society at large. How refreshing!! Fittingly, this journey towards mental, physical and spiritual health kicked-off with undoing and shedding many of the lessons learned from our current educational institutions, in which we were all trained in the art of conformity and attainment of the status quo. I learned to listen to my heart and gut again (and to others!), and how to not lead solely from my head. I learned that through relationships we become. Truly, we were never meant to grow on our own.

Budgeting time for self-evaluation and taking internal inventory wasn’t always a walk in the park, and the formal training to become a certified behavioural coach and group fitness instructor wasn’t easy, but all of it was possible. It was doable. And the priceless reward for the freedom to express oneself authentically AND unapologetically? Well worth it :-)

Through slow and steady effort, I stepped into my own and realized my greatest gift is supporting another as they explore their full potential and power. There is something sacred that comes from bonding with another in an impactful way; there is something magical that takes place through sharing experiences of meaning-making. It is this connection, this building of community, which I create along with you so that YOU may flourish.

As a Mindset and Performance Coach, I operate from a relationship-based approach, and I draw upon my past of travel and moving around from city to city, time in the theatre as an actor, playwright and improver, and a career in the financial industry working with some of the world's wealthiest and most successful hedge fund managers – a lifetime of experiences in varied environments, which enabled me to build unique strengths and character. Whether I’m teaching a Zumba class, facilitating a leadership circle for managers, training students in active-listening techniques or coaching a mom through the transition from working woman to new parent, I get to know the client – I take the time to understand the person, his/her/their core, what he/she/they is about, what he/she/they want, and then we back-fill the psychological and physical tools together.

And you know what? I would be honoured to work with you because I love what I do. Please allow me the opportunity to support you as you become the best version of your self.

YOUR LIFE. Transformed.



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